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Warm Up A Forgotten Soul


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Did you know when a foster child turns 18 he or she no longer qualifies to live in the foster system?  Rather than have services available to help these young adults continue becoming a productive member of society,  these kids are often turned out into the streets to find their own way. The Red Scarf Project extends a hug to these kids in the form of red scarves knitted by you and me and then donated to their cause. We offer a large assortment of red yarns and knitting needles for your consideration, plus several super cute scarf patterns! Also, the Red Scarf Project organizers’ website offers patterns for you. You can access the Foster Care to Success website to learn how you can help in many other ways.

The red scarves need to be submitted by Nov. 30th so let’s whip one up for a young person in need of your hug.

Happy Knitting,

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A Passion for Fashion!

olga2Meet Alpaca Direct customer Olga Babenko. A graduate from Kharkov institute of technology (Ukraine), she worked in the fashion industry in New York for 10 years and now  runs her own fashion business in Philadelphia.  She recently sent us a few pictures of the items she creates and they are amazing!
Olga describes the art she creates with fiber:
“When creating the clothing, I prefer, and as much as possible, tend to use all natural materials such as: cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool, etc.  I incorporate knitted and crocheted elements with vintage fabric, lace, and buttons which aren’t commonly found.”
I enjoy both sewing handmade clothing as well as creating designs with handmade felt, depending on the season and my inspiration.
The styles I create are often dictated by my mood and I tend to make clothing ranging from the Victorian era to urban and many other styles.
I use Alpaca Direct wool roving and other fibers for hand felted coats and scarves; yarns for needle felted accessories.
If the gray days of fall are dragging you down, why not wear the most colorful clothes in your wardrobe?olga10
“I prefer vibrant colors and floral motifs in clothing I create; it may be because I grew up in the far North of Russia, where there was a lot of snow and very few flowers.”
Thanks Olga… for sharing your passion for fashion with us!